Wednesday, September 2, 2009



Once again, the contest only took minutes to find a winner. The first poster came in at 12:03, but only listed 10 differences. I made a CAPITALIZED point of saying there were 11 differences this week. Sorry, illibius. (I think I got the spelling wrong on that)

The second poster came in at 12:04 and had 11 items, but one of the changes was missing, filled in by one he seems to have made up: different color door trim. Sorry, Brad, but I'm not sure what you meant by that.

Third poster at 12:04 had only ten. Sorry Vance. Same with fourth poster, Jordan R., who remembered the 11th item necessary, but didn't post it until 12:24. Bummer.

The winner was the fifth person to post, coming in at 12:05, a person by the name of Jeff.

Here is his list, all eleven, all correct:
Richard Simmons, Elf on the hood, She has a beard, Phone number change, "Accidendt"spelled without an "I", upsidedown bird looking the other way, "K2" reversed order, she is now wearing a shoe, Car door has a button lock by the window, hand is bigger, monster on the window.

Thanks a bajillion for playing our game, I hope that everyone had fun and there were minimal casualties. Look for another contest next Wednesday, unless I don't announce it.

Jeff, contact me through the blog comments and let me know how to get hold of you. I won't publish your contact info.

Until tomorrow – it is the water part of the waterfall that makes it so noisy...


Anonymous said...

:( so close.

Brad Albright said...

aww Dan, by "trim" i meant the highlight that wasn't include on the revision. dang

Anonymous said...

I think he was right about the trim! Down by the floor boards the metal part of the car near the bottom is colored different!

Unknown said...

I can see the "different color door trim" that Brad included in his answer. Look between "" and "Dist. by King Features." That part of the car is a slightly different color between the two pictures. (It's more noticeable in the big versions of the images.)

Piraro said...

Sorry, guys, the different color trim at the bottom must be some kind of computer glitch. I can barely see it on my computer, but I do see what you mean.

For future reference, the differences in the cartoons will be more obvious than a slight color change.

A few people cited a white rectangle in the sky next to the bird. I don't see that at all on my computer, no idea what it is.

New contest next week. Hope you all play again!

Dimension Skipper said...

I somehow missed the door button.

I also missed the "door trim" color change, but I see it now that it's been pointed out.

Instead of those what I noticed as an 11th difference was that "Dist. by King Features" in the original seems to be slightly bolder compared to the altered version.

Hey, it's not a MAJOR difference, but I thought that might be why it was supposed to be more difficult this time. And of course once I got my 11, I just stopped looking.

I don't know how I can go on with life without "my" Bizarro trading cards, but hey don't worry about me. It's just the latest example of life once again exacting vengeance by metaphorically kicking me in my emotional crotch. Sniff. Sob.

WV: "undlie" — simply sounds like a synonym for underwear, sort of a shortened version of "underlie." Perhaps a better term than "panties." e.g. "Don't get your undlies in a bunch!"

Chris Altwegg said...

Rather than taking the FIRST correct entry, how about picking one at random and if it's correct, they get the prize? Might be more fun for folks like me.

Dimension Skipper said...

Hmmm, the white rectangle is not obvious, but again once it was pointed out I could see it knowing to look for it in the first place. I'm sure its visibility also depends on one's monitor type and settings.

Using decent image editing software to play around with the brightness/contrast heightens the effect and should allow anyone to see it. (And no, I didn't just imbed by own white rectangle!)

Dimension Skipper said...

Sorry, I put the wrong link in my prior comment. Realized it just as I hit the publish button. Here's the image link I meant to use.

As I said in my prior comment, playing with the brightness/contrast of the image allows should allow anyone to see the mysterious white rectangle. I could see it without any image adjustment, but only after the placement of it was pointed out in the first place and I went back and looked again.

I decreased the brightness (by "75"), increased the contrast (by "50") for the subsequent image comparison I'm linking to in this comment.