Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Bizarro Contest #2

(Click on the images to enlarge.)

Contest Rules:
1. First person to post the ELEVEN DIFFERENCES between these two cartoons in the COMMENTS SECTION OF THIS POST wins.

2. Winner gets five packs of Bizarro Trading Cards. A $10 value. No cash, just the cards.

3. DO NOT add your contact info to your entry. I'll get that from you if you win.

4.Winner must agree to send me a pic of themself with their winnings to post on this blog. Wear a mask if you don't want to be mobbed by autograph hounds next time you leave the house. You can attach any name to your pic, real or fictitious.

5. Winning this contest DOES NOT mean you are welcome in my home, nor that you will be able to parlay it into your own sit-com.

6. I am not responsible for any injuries you may receive either from competing or handling the trading cards if you win.

7. This one is way harder than the first one, so don't get all whiny on me. You can always buy some trading cards from my website, they're pretty cheap.

8. In future contests, there will be different prizes other than trading cards, but for now, I need to get rid of some trading cards.

Good luck, gladiators!


Unknown said...

Richard Simmons, Elf on the hood, She has a beard, Phone number change, "Accidendt"spelled without an "I", upsidedown bird looking the other way, "K2" reversed order, she is now wearing a shoe, Car door has a button lock by the window, hand is bigger, monster on the window.

doug nicodemus said...

that is a 5 ha cartoon and it gets the "Made Cathy Laugh" award for this month.

way to go