Tuesday, September 1, 2009

2fer Tuesday

Bizarro is brought to you today by Trained Babies.

Yesterday was a Bizarro deadline day and since I was running behind I didn't have time to post a cartoon. So today is 2fer day! Weeee.

In one cartoon we have a lady telling a would-be suitor to buzz off in a cleverly alternative way. In the other, we have a reverse-take on the cliche barroom cartoon, "If that's my wife, I'm not here."

Check one:
1. Both are funny
2. Neither is funny
3. One is funnier than the other
4. The other is funnier than one
5. What in tarnation is that guy watching on TV?

Until next time, be the bubble in your own gum...


Anonymous said...

The TV show appears to be a guy having a conversation with a schmoo. Haven't seen one of those around in a long time.

Both cartoons are funny. So there.

Chuckles McGrim said...

Two of my recent favorites!

RSJ said...

I'll vote for one of each: No. 1 and 5.

And what the heck is that guy watching on TV? I thought of an old episode of "Outer Limits" when it was B&W.