Monday, August 31, 2009


Hello, person.
I am performing some comedy this weekend in Philadelphia, please come by and say hello if you're in the area or willing to travel.

It's a 90-minute show in which I'll have a 20 minute set of my own usual cartoons and comedy stuff and another set in which I'll do a thing called "dueling cartoonists" with a friend of mine. The show is part of the Philly Fringe Fest and is all about vegetarianism, but is supposed to be funny and entertaining in spite of that. All I can guarantee is that my two sets will be.

I'll also be available for talking to face-to-face, and will likely be selling some of my trading cards or books or something. Depends what I can find around the house. CHNW will be there, too!

Show: Veggie Cabaret II
Date: Saturday, September 5th, 2009
Show time: 8pm, approximately 90 minutes, including intermission
Venue: The Rotunda, 4014 Walnut St., Philadelphia, PA 19104
Tickets: $15, cash/checks at the door. Advanced tickets can be purchased through the Live Arts and Philly Fringe Box Office online at starting early August or by calling 215-413-1318 after August 24th.
Ticket Special: $20 for first 8 parties of 2-3 that reserve Cabaret-style seating and vegan dinner platter.
Contact: Lisa Levinson at or (215) 620-2130. Visit for more info.


Penny Mitchell said...

Any chance you might ever do a show in Denver? I would be there in a heartbeat!

doug nicodemus said...

e live stuff post some live stuff....pleeeeease

RSJ said...

Is that a cardboard guitar?

Piraro said...

@RSJ... Yes.

Piraro said...

@doug Nicodemus...
Do you mean to post some video of my comedy shows? There is one here:

RSJ said...

@ Piraro: That's the best cardboard guitar I've ever seen, and I've seen almost none. I assume it was homemade.