Saturday, August 8, 2009

Kids Today

Bizarro is brought to you today by the Talent Portion of our Competition.

Yes, it's another one of those preachy, vegan editorial cartoons. Sorry, but it's a fun angle with a silly picture and it was conceived by my eighteen-year-old protege, Victor, who has been donating the occasional cartoon idea to Bizarro since he was a mere 15.

I had to fix it a little, but basically the idea was his. Although he had an alligator, a worm, and a container of talcum powder instead of farm animals, and the line was not exactly the same. Victor's original line was "What about Churchill?" And the chalkboard was a little different in his version, in that it was a deflated hot air balloon hanging over a clothesline, but basically it was the same gag. I just punched it up a bit.

So little Vic, or "Vickydoo" as I call him, was on vacation in NYC with his family recently and came by the house. We had cocktails on the veranda, then went to dinner and a nightclub, followed by dancing. All while wearing tuxedos and glittery gowns like those old Fred Astaire movies. It was mahvelous.

Enjoy now this photograph of Vickydoo and Yours Truly partaking of scotch and cigars on the couch at Bizarro Headquarters.

While you are at it, gaze upon this adorable depiction of the youngster wearing one of my hats. He was so excited most of the evening, his mouth gaped open like a catfish.

Finally, I offer this charming photo of little V wearing CHNW's motorcycle helmet and mugging for the camera with me and a local homeless man.

If Victor and his family had half as much fun that evening as CHNW and I did, they had twice as much fun as someone who had no fun at all.


Prospero said...

Why does Victor remind of my last boyfriend?

Unknown said...

Sorry to foil the animals' latest plan, but I'm working for a company that's manufacturing swine flu vaccine.

... better luck next time, Porky.

Pies said...

At school we were once taught about some of the wonderful diseases that a humble potato can endure. It didn't help it either.

Amber Avines said...

LOVE THIS COMIC, Dan! Keep up the good work. And, be sure to add some ideas to the animals' chalkboard. They need all the help they can get. ^..^


Waldo said...

Scotch and cigars???? With an 18 year old???

Man... where were you 25 years ago when I was 18???? Cheep 3.2 beer and cloves was all that I had at my neighbors.

Elliott Martin said...

A vegetarian zombie moans "grains...."