Thursday, August 27, 2009

First Bizarro Contest!!!

Bizarro is brought to you today by Free Eye Exams.

For today's cartoon post, I've decided to try something different. A CONTEST! Weee.

The cartoon at top is the one that ran in the papers, the one below has been changed in ten ways. The first person to correctly list all ten differences in the comments section of this post will win an ENTIRE BOX of Bizarro Trading Cards. That's a bunch of cards, over a hundred, a full set, a 50-something dollar value retail.

"How can you afford to be so generous, Dan?" one might well ask.

To which I would reply, "I don't know, I'm just jacking around."

If the contest is fun and works out well, we'll do this from time to time. If it is a huge hassle for me and I start to sweat and weep, this will be the last one. Stay tuned.

Click on the individual images for a larger view. Some differences are easy (duh) some are hard.

Only one winner per contest. Must be alive to win. No purchase necessary. Do not use trading cards while operating heavy machinery. Light machinery is probably fine. Use of alcohol or tranquilizers may intensify effect of trading cards. Must be willing to send me a pic of yourself with your prize to post on the blog. Try to look excited. Winner does not have to agree to publish their name or location. Trading cards may present a choking hazard to people with a huge mouth and a tiny I.Q.

Let the slugfest begin...


T. Tex Edwards said...

Garfield graffiti added
snake added
screaming manface photo added
C gone from crash
backwards s
bugeyed little spaceman(?) in top right corner
month misspelled
object under car turned a different direction
image in back windshield added
license plate changed from pixie to piraro

Isaac said...

1. In the second cartoon, David Hasselhoff is yawning. In the first cartoon, he is screaming (locked in trunk of car).

2. The second cartoon states that Garfield sux; the first cartoon demonstrates this proposition implicitly.

3. The second cartoon takes place in a mirror universe, as revealed by the rightward orientation of the pie-shaped droppings left by the car.

4. The second cartoon depicts a lab in which people test rashes on dummies, instead of a place where people try to build better impact mannequins.

5. In the second cartoon, the multi-tentacled horror inside the building has eked one of its tentacles into the parking lot.

6. In the second cartoon, the creature is called a "Mnoth" instead of a "Month."

7. The second cartoon has an alphabet of at least 18 characters, one of which is shaped like a rounded Z.

8. The blue bunny in the back seat has pressed his face up against the window in the second cartoon.

9. A little space alien has come to check on Hasselhoff in the second cartoon.

10. The vanity license plate in the second cartoon has more vanity.

Also, two bonus differences:

1. The count of findable icons is no longer accurate in the second cartoon.

2. The second cartoon is obviously the product of a demented mind. The first one is less obvious.

Luis said...

1. Test Dummies are not "Rash," they are quite reasonable.
2. David Hasselhoff is never that amused.
3. The word "moth" is spelled "M-O-T-H," not "M-N-O-T-H".
4. Certain words are not allowed on license plates.
5. Pythons are never quite that shade of turquoise.
6. Feng Shui clearly indicates that wedge end of a piece of pie must face north, not south.
7. In the Piraro All Caps font, the "S" only reverses when typed with the alt-key depressed, and not when in lowercase.
8. Rabbits have no souls, and so are neither (a) reflected in glass nor (b) appear as spectral images.
9. Miniature aliens would never come within nearly that close proximity to David Hasselhoff.
10. Garfield does not suck, he blows. Huge difference.

Unknown said...

Bummer...I thought I had to have gotten first comment in, this was the first article on my google reader and when I read it, had only been up for 1 minute. Looking forward to more contests though.

Piraro said...

With a couple of hundred winning entries by 8pm NYC time, t.tex is the first, posting just minutes after I posted the contest.

Many congrats to Mr. tex!

Post an email address where I can reach you on the blog comments of this posting, and I'll be sure NOT to publish it.

Thanks to everyone for entering, we'll do it again in a week or so!

SteveJ said...

1) Used a Prismacolor .05 technical pen on crosshatching.
2) In original, driver suffered severed head contusions. In the second one, it was extensive chest trauma.
3) The secretary sitting on the other side of the wall died instantly in the second one, as opposed to lingering on to life for several painful days hooked to machines and tubes.
4) The second one led to a defamation of character class action suite filed by the many, many Germans who love Hasselhoff.
5) The second one made Jim Davis cry. (wussy)
6) The second one shows the splattered brains smooshed against the back window from the passenger who was constantly telling the driver to "do a wheelie."
7) In the first one, the accident is caused by the forces of Irony. In the second, the driver is a Republican governor and the wreck was caused by him being "serviced" by his Argentinian lover while he was driving.
8) In the second one, it was the building that ran into the car.
9)The security code on alarm sytem in the first comic is 13431. In the second it's 43134.
10) The pie is rotated.

Pies said...

My vote goes to SteveJ.