Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Contest Tomorrow

Tomorrow, Wednesday, Sept 9th, is another Bizarro Contest. This time, I'll be posting it at 6pm, Eastern Time (USA), and once again, the first person with the correct list of differences between the two cartoons will win something dandy. Probably some Bizarro Trading Cards, which you can buy for cheap here, if you don't win or don't want the pressure of competition.

Some things to watch out for that previous contestants have fallen prey to:

1. Note the number of differences you must find. It is not always 10.
2. The "official" differences will not be anything so subtle that you have to wonder if it is one of them. Like slightly lighter type on one cartoon than the other, a darker shadow or a slight highlight. It will be obvious things like an object missing or added.
3. Only persons posting their answers in the comments of the contest post will be eligible. Don't email the answers to me or write them in lipstick on a stripper and have them show up at my door.

Thanks for playing our little game. Good luck to each and every one of you.

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