Tuesday, September 1, 2009


The contest last week was such an overwhelming success that I've decided to do it again this week. As promised, I will now tell you exactly when the contest images will be posted so that you can get a jump on the competition, if that's your thing.

Tomorrow, Wednesday, Sept 2nd, 12noon Eastern Time, right here.

As with last week, I'll post two images. Your mission is to correctly identify the ten differences in the cartoons and post your answers in the comments section of the contest blog posting. The first person to post the correct list, will win 5 PACKS OF BIZARRO TRADING CARDS!!!! (A $10 retail value.)

Last week's winner already has the full set, so he's not eligible to win. (Sorry, Tex) I'll post the winning comment on the blog as soon as I determine the winner, the jillions of other identical lists in the comments section that didn't win won't get posted because it's just boring for everyone to read. Do NOT post your contact info with your submission, wait until I've announced you as the winner to get me your contact info.

I think that's everything. Good luck and happy something-or-other...

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Bodi said...

What time is that in central european time? Anyone?