Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Contest #3

1. This week there are 12 differences in the two cartoons below.

2. First person to post all 12 differences in the comments section of this blog wins 5 packs of Bizarro Trading Cards, mailed directly to them from Bizarro International Headquarters in Brooklyn, NY.

3. Winner must agree to send me a picture of themselves with their winnings. (Hey "Tex", winner of the first contest, where's your pic?)

4. Put your mailing address in with your comment, I won't post it. I won't even keep any address other than the winner's, I'm not into collecting addresses.

5. List of differences must be in English to be eligible.

1. Hurry, all winners so far have been in the first five minutes after posting.
2. Click on the images to make them bigger.
3. Do not circle the differences on your computer screen with a Sharpie. I can't see that.

Good luck, and happy hunting.


Ellipsis Design said...


1. Chihauhauitis spelled wrong
2. Bunny where intestines should be
3. Eyeball on skeleton
4. Earring on patient
5. Monkey head with fez appears
6. Eyeball chart backwards
7. Pie on chair
8. Pocket gone on lab coat
9. Belt buckle missing
10. Skeleton leg gone
11. Drawer pull changed
12. Stripes gone on guy's shirt

-joe k
Oak Lawn, IL

Piraro said...

Here is this week's winner, coiming in at 2 minutes after my post. Congrats, Joe. Send me your mailing address either by email or in the comments section of this post. I won't publish it.

Thanks for playing!

tommy said...

1. MMB click on each pic to open up new tabs.
2. Ctrl+tab to switch between tabs, and all the differences become blatantly obvious.

You think you could have both images in the same jpg next time to make it a little bit more difficult Dan? Maybe it'll take the winner 3 minutes then. :)

Philip Crow said...

Wowie, I'm gonna mention though, that when I started trying to do this, I looked at the images side by side for the smaller version. When I clicked on the larger version of each and flipped back and forth between tabs, the differences were completely noticeable.

Thats all, thanks,


Anonymous said...

In case anyone thinks that this game takes skill: it doesn't. Simply place the two images side-by-side and cross your eyes until they overlap. The differences stand out immediately. Still amusing, though. :-)

KingSO said...

You do realize people can cheat?

Two layers in photoshop... keep switching between the two or make the top layer slightly transparent.

Heck, there is even a button in photoshop that would highlight the differences between two images.

Click on the first layer and select "difference"