Thursday, September 3, 2009

Metallic Romance

Bizarro is brought to you today by The Tin Man's Ex-wife.

I'm not entirely sure what the above "Tin Man's Ex-wife" photo-gag is about. It seems like it means something but it is sort of vague. Perhaps when they divorced, like most women in the U.S., she got all of the money and the shirt off his back, which she then made braces out of?

Before you go and write a lot of angry comments about how you (a woman) got ripped off in a divorce by your scheming ex-husband, I'm not talking about you, I'm talking about most of the time. Any divorce lawyer will tell you that women are heavily favored in divorce court, even when they are the cheating, conniving, instigator of trouble in the marriage.I think it's a throwback to old timey times when failed marriage was always the man's fault and women had no other way of supporting themselves.

These days, within my own circle of friends and family, the women have been more likely to cheat, steal, and dissolve the marriage than the men, yet they still come out way ahead in the divorce. That's anecdotal evidence and very unscientific, but it's what I've seen. I suppose the dark side of women's lib is that women now have the ability to act more like men traditionally have. Not that I'm against equal rights, I am not, I just wish divorce courts would catch up to the curve.

What all this has to do with the Tin Man, I'll never know.

P.S. to Jeff, the winner of yesterday's contest: I got your info, your winnings will be on their way shortly! For the rest of you, keep in mind that you can purchase your own Bizarro Trading Cards any time you like off of the Interwebs. They're cheap, fun and just the right size for jamming under your fingernails if you're into that sort of thing.


beforewisdom said...

I agree with you Dan, the divorce laws are antiquated. They need to be rewritten so that alimony only goes to the spouse (male or female) who has become unable to support him/herself as a result of the marriage. It should end when that person becomes able to support themselves.

If those things aren't a factor in awarding divorce settlements it basically makes marriage into prostitution, because the law implies that someone is entitled to compensation for merely having been married to someone.

RSJ said...

No-fault divorces were supposed to cure some of that antiquated mentality on the part of judges, but they aren't available in all states and only work when both parties agree there was no fault.

I've heard of at least one poor sod who was hauled into divorce court for 'alienation of affection' and 'desertion.' He and his wife has agreed to separate for awhile because they were driving each other crazy and then get back together and go for counseling. She decided counseling was unneccesary, since she had met someone new. Before he knew what was happening, he was hit with a divorce suit that said he had 'deserted' her and, consequently, 'alienated her affections.' He had no way of proving that they had a prior agreement, so he was deposited in a canvas bag, tied at the top, and taken to the cleaners by a cranky old judge who said in open court that anyone who deserted his wife was "completely despicable and without excuse." Then the hearing started. ;)

David said...

Brilliant cartoon! Absolutely brilliant!