Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Looky Here Now

Bizarro has been made possible today by a grant from the
Institute for Spiritual Omen Authentication.

Perhaps my favorite kind of cartoon is one that looks like one thing but is revealed to be something else when you read the caption. I think this one achieves that kind of surprise, so I'm happy with it.

Below is one of my favorite attempts at that motiff. You have to look at the pic before reading it for it to work. Click to enlarge it for the full effect.

Tomorrow is another contest and I'm changing some of the parameters, so read the next post carefully if you want to compete.

Until next time... When opportunity knocks, look through the peephole first. It could be opportunity is being forced to knock by an armed kidnapper.


Linda said...

You've been starting my day off on the right foot for a long time now, just wanted to say thanks.

Penny Mitchell said...

I remember that Tonto cartoon. Loved it then, love it now!

uesd said...

i am a kid that loves bizarro comics they are awesome!!