Thursday, September 17, 2009

Contest #4 WINNER!!!!

It took blog reader "Marcello" seven minutes to post the first complete and correct list of differences between the two cartoons in this week's contest, thus navigating the treacherous gauntlet, conquering the labyrinth and snatching the prize from the gnarling mouth of the...I can't think of a graceful way to end this metaphor, so let's just say someone named Marcello won this week's contest.

Below is his/her (one never knows) correct list.

I should mention that there were three other correct entries coming in at under 10 minutes, then dozens more over the next hour or so, continuing on into the wee hours of the morning. Thanks to everyone for playing and for visiting the blog, I hope you'll visit often to partake in the daily shenanigans and monkey shines!

If anyone has any ideas for future contests or ways in which I can make this one more interesting, I'm all ears.

Your pal with so many ears that women gasp and children cry...


La Framéricaine said...

All that for a mention in these hallowed pages. What some people won't stoop to!

Congrats to Marcello anyway!

Robert Gidley said...

Idea for contest: Put all the text into a code, and the code has to be unscrambled correctly. Use a simple letter substitution code (a=t, b=q, etc.).

This would also give an advantage to obsessive readers who might remember all or part of the punchline.

This works even better when there's not much text, or if the panel uses unusual words that skew the letter distribution.

Ha Ha Ha Whoops said...

there is no eyeball on the building in the "left" panel. = #7 on the "winning" list is wrong. Whoops!

if only my LCS carried your cards...i wouldn't have to deal with this nonsense online!!

j/k, except about the LCS not carrying your cards. i'ma see if i can get them shut down or something.

Marcello said...

Oh shucks, how did you find a picture of me? D:

I did notice I got my lefts and rights confused in the heat of the moment. Maybe I was looking at the picture upside-down... (a strategy for next time?)

I also wrote "next to the next to the" on #11... I'm a bit embarrassed I must admit. Maybe in the next contest you should add "proofread" to the rules?

My dad always said I wrote English like it was a second language...

Matt said...

You could always do like the ol' radio contest bits and have it be caller (aka poster) number 5 or some such lucky random number.