Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Stupid Dead Guy Sees Old Friend

Bizarro is brought to you today by The Middle of Nowhere.

As I point my face at today's cartoon, I notice that while both guys have halos, only one has wings. I submit my cartoons five or six weeks ahead of publishing (the lead time is required, I'm not that far ahead of deadline) so this was drawn almost two months ago and I can't remember if it was intentional, or just a brain fart.

I might have done it to show that he was new to Heaven, whereas the other guy had been there a while. Or, I might have just been drawing on autopilot and zoned out.

Does anyone really care?

I can't say I do.

More importantly, I just finished the puzzle for today's Bizarro Contest #2, and will post it in about one hour from now...12 noon Brooklyn time. Unless I forget. It's a bit more difficult than last week's, the maiden voyage of the Bizarro Contest, so get ready for it. Oil your brain, put in some eye drops, have a double espresso and get Nana out of the storage shed. This contest is fun for the entire family. (Except Uncle Jimmy, who's still pissed off about the elections.)

Until noon, your eyes are like hollow orbs of lubricated meat...


Stanley David said...

Dan Pirarro --I am from Bangalore, India --and we really enjoy your intelligent cartoons which makes us chuckle inside while giving the wife the impression that one is doing some serious newspaper reading!! It appears daily in the Bnagalore Mirror, and the Bizarro is the only thing in the paper worth looking at....

Keep making us laugh,Dan --and please do come and do a show or a talk at Bangalore --we would love it....

Waldo said...

ahhh Nebraska is the middle of nowhere. Growing up in Colorado we heard several Nebraska jokes (what's that... you want to hear one???)

Q: What is the best thing to come out of Nebraska?

A: I-80

Ok... I'll keep my day job.