Saturday, August 15, 2009

Planetary Possibilities

(Hankerin' for a bigger picture? Touch the Earth with your clicker deal.)

Bizarro is brought to you today by Founding Robots.

When I wrote and drew this gag, I was thinking of the guy calling his wife at home on Earth. But when I formatted it for the web just now, it occurred to me that a person may well think he's just calling back to the module. For that matter, the astronaut could be a woman and "Honey" could be her husband. Or she could be a lesbian and "Honey" is her wife. Or a gay astronaut and "Honey" is his husband. Or an animatron of Richard Nixon from DisneyWorld's Hall of Presidents and "Honey" is James K. Polk.

So many possibilities in the world of comics.


doug nicodemus said...

in my case it would be honey look all over the house, in the garage, in the car and on the back porch for my rock chisel.

Anonymous said...

I was curious about the K2's that I have seen in some of your comics. I was glad to see some sort of an explanation. Is the name of one of your daughters really Krapuzar? I hope not for her sake!
I did enjoy the strip about the astronaut leaving his keys at home on the dresser.

Karl said...

Most lunar modules; I'm guessing, don't have a dresser on board. That's how I interpreted the meaning of astro-wo/man calling back to earth.

Do you think it would have also been funny if they got to the moon and forgot the keys for the rover on the dresser? (I know: it probably doesn't need a key)

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the most troubling thing is that the high gain antenna isn't pointed at anything useful. (It's usually pointed at Earth)

Could this astronaut be having an affair with an alien???

KarylMiller said...

So glad you posted your inner thinking on this Dan. People don't realize the myriad possibilities that must be evaluated, the mental gyrations necessary even for the simplest one liner.

RSJ said...

Or perhaps the whole thing was faked just to give you an idea for a cartoon? ;)

Luis said...

That is what instantly occurred to me when I saw this panel; I spent a minute or so trying to puzzle out what I was perhaps missing.

Leaving the lander out of the picture would have clarified the gag, but I think it would have made even more sense if the astronaut were standing beside the rover as if just having gotten out of it: having arrived at his work site, he would suddenly realize that he doesn't have his tools.

Unknown said...

or not married at all, and "honey" is the person that he or she is living with.