Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Performance Video

A person or two have asked that I put some of my performance video on the blog, so here is a link to a nice little film done at one of my shows in Montreal last year. Hope you enjoy.


Penny Mitchell said...

Bravo! Bravo! LOVED it!

Bonnach said...

That's probably a person or two too much.

Now I'll have to watch the video to be sure.

Bonnach said...

OK, well, your curtsy needs some work. Also, since your performance was in Montreal you should have done the whole thing over again in French (or Fraaaanch).

Other than that it was satisfactory!!!!

The Science Pundit said...

"When Santa Clause returns to feed all the bigots to his magic reindeer, then you'll be sorry."

Perfect response!!!

La Framéricaine said...

Catholic in Oklahoma?

Man! Your parents were brave. I thought it was tough being areligious or should that be non-denominational? My aunt died in August 2007 and when the clan came together, the real clashes were about what religion everyone was exercising. Oklahoma... You just gotta love it.

Speaking of which, that shirt in your super duper Montréal performance looked suspiciously like a cowboy shirt? And those toons sounded oddly Arlo Guthrie-esque. Not that there's anything wrong with it, mind you. Oklahoma probably infected you in strange and unusual ways for which there has yet to be discovered a cure.

I loved your show, would buy tickets if they didn't cost the price of a trip to Northern CA, thought the film clip was first-rate, and started my 6th day of a nervous breakdown with a great laugh--thanks to you. I think I will keep my bottle of Valium close at hand, nevertheless.

Jeremy said...

Wow, you really are a cool guy. Its weird how much religious hate mail you get. Don't they realize that being mean and judgmental is anti-Christ?

That makes me wonder if you have ever read something I have wrote on here about the Evolution/Creation debate.

Keep up the good work!

doug nicodemus said...


as one who may never see your show...and as some one not bright enough to google you up...thanks so much. it was very funny...the cardboard guitar was a stitch. you brightened my day.

julie said...

Fun, Dan! Great! I liked the cardboard guitar better tho - it had better tone.

Funny seeing those old pix of you - none of them look like you at all now. I'd totally forgotten about your Gallagher phase.

HollyBerry said...

ahh! the link doesn't work on my computer! would you be willing to put your videos on youtube?