Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Cool Kids

I just discovered a very cool band made up of three sisters in their teens. They're serious activists, trying to change everything in the world from child abuse to 3rd world hunger to substance abuse to factory farming and environmental destruction. This is usually a recipe for corny, heavy-handed folk music that I personally can't relate to at all, but these girls are actually really talented. Great voices, strong music, and apple-pie faces to die for. Check them out and download some of their music. A whopping 70% of the proceeds goes to charities that support the principles of their fave philosopher, Mahatma Gandhi.

Truth On Earth


Jen said...

Thanks for that link- they're impressive! I also can't wait to show their site to my daughters when they wake up- I can think of worse role models for them.

Blasphemous Homemaker said...
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