Saturday, September 27, 2008

Children of Men (and Women)

This cartoon is brought to you by Life Waste Management Corporation.

The cartoon I normally would have posted today would have been from a week ago, Saturday, Sept 20. But I think it's a dull one so I nabbed this older panel from '04 that I like better.

I wonder if Lassie followed Timmy through life and made sure that all her efforts saving him from wells, burning barns, and Soviet submarines, was worth it. What if Timmy grew up to be a serial killer? Or an ad executive in charge of convincing voters that Sarah Palin is competent to run the country if/when McCain croaks? Wouldn't Lassie wish to high heaven that she'd just kept her yap shut and let him be captured by the Russians or turned to charcoal in that barn?

At what point do parents of awful people regret the effort they put into their kid's survival? I think most parents convince themselves that their kid is doing well and deserving of their pride, but how does Dick Cheney's mom pull off that trick? I'm guessing she's dead by now, but if she were still alive, I mean.

Personally, I have very high standards for my two daughters. I've given them until their 30th birthdays to make the world a better place for their having been in it or it's curtains.


doug nicodemus said...

That is pretty funny. but think about how you could expand that..hell supperman and batman could retire...but i wonder what they would do in retirement?


doug nicodemus said...

supperman what was i thinking...though there are a lot of mom's out there that could use a supperman..geez

Penny Mitchell said...

I remember jumping up and snapping the TV off when Timmy was stuck in a culvert pipe and I just knew he was going to die. I didn't want to see it happen. My Mother assured me that Lassie would really, truly do something to help him and that Timmy would be fine. This was the beginning of my love for animals and my hatred for TV.

Regarding Cheney and Company, I truly believe they will be on a plane for a country with no extradition treaty with the U.S. while Obama is being sworn in. This is unfortunate, because one of my dearest wishes is to see Bush and Cheney behind bars.

SAYOTTE316 said...

Continued from last blog

Duffau /Jeremy

Who would win rumble?

isee3dtoo said...


I understand your dearest wish, but wishes don't come true. I wished for Rumsfeld to be tased on live TV, for Ted Kennedy to be brought up on murder charges or at least admit he murdered Mary Jo, and for a life size Marcia Brady doll.

But the best we can hope for is they resign, die, or Marcia Brady gets incredibly ugly later in her life and Cindy Brady actually knocks on my front door.

As for Bush and Cheney, I think Cheney will retire in Dubai (cause that is where Hallibuton is relocating) and Bush we are stuck with for at least another 30 years. Bush will create some form or foundation for the stupid and will have a library wing added to his dad's library.

Penny Mitchell said...

No, I'm telling you...Bush will leave the country. Betcha five bucks.

Mike Duffau said...

lol...thats a great cartoon! i like this one. alotta' bums not worth saving, huh?

SAYOTTE316 said...

Hey mike ...i just overheard jeremy say is that duffau or dufas...

then he sang wheat to beat im gonna beat his meat to the street

im sorry man i overhead all this ...

then he said "duffau knows blog to well ..he better not ring my bell"..."as i am so tough i enjoy fighting cause its rough ...dont mess me with runk cause im a punk

Erica Julien said...

I never understood that show or why that kid always got in so much trouble.

I know my parents are proud of me, but they've become more conservative since they've gotten older. My mom used to have a Mohawk and purple hair, now she has a house and an electric garbage can.

I just hope I didn't get the lame gene.

Anonymous said...

The staff at has been disowned by their parents.

They told us there was no money in serious, painstaking journalism that seeks to expose the truth over just following the latest story. They were right, but we believe in our principles over all else.

derekamalo said...

crazy mike...crazy..

I'dbe careful

Jeremy poted his bench pressing on youtube

Freaken crazy

HollyBerry said...

not to shit on you doug, but a lot of dads could use a supperman too.

i love this panel because it answers the question "where are they now?" what i loved most about lassie was that she would bark maybe once or twice and she person she barked at always pieced together some elaborate life or death scenario involving timmy.

what is it girl?
"bark BARK!"
timmy's foot is stuck in the gears of his bicycle and a steamroller is about to flatten him like a pancake?
thanks, girl!

HollyBerry said...

edit: *THE person. my bad.

Unknown said...


No worries, I truly believe that by now most people who read any type of blog or user contributed site are quite verses and fluent in "typo-nese". Same for D.N. No reason to poont fungers!!

Tracy H. said...

I often wonder what George H.W. Bush thinks of George W. Bush. (Not that I think H.W. was all that great -- I still haven't forgiven him for not signing the Kyoto agreement.)

Or what Barbara Bush (his mom, not his daughter) thinks of him.

"Me Love You Long Time" said...


Michael Tallon said...

Whatsamattayou? The fly one is hilarious.