Monday, September 8, 2008

Fan Hitting

Today's Bizarro cartoon is brought to you by Bears Who Sh*t In The Woods In Comfort.

This idea came from my crazy friend, Derek, a regular contributor to the comments section of this blog. Many other blog commentators have commented on Derek's comments, in fact. They are unique, to say the least.

His original idea (as I recall with my notoriously Alzheimer's-quality memory) was a guy feeding toilet paper into an office printer. I figured given the robust economy that the Neo-Cons have blessed us with, it would make a good cartoon about cutbacks.

But back to toilet humor. Have you or anyone you know ever been this happy about toilet paper? I think if I saw a crowd of ecstatic people dancing through the streets with a gigantic roll of toilet paper, I would brace for some major sh*t to hit the fan. And I would be afraid of the size of the fan it might be hitting, given the size of that roll in the picture. If that's a grizzly in the pic, the roll is bigger than his head, which would make it roughly the size of a truck tire. Who needs a roll this big? And where is this much doody coming from? Perhaps we should attack the source rather than the symptom.

(NOTE: I'm not squeamish about so-called "profanity," but since some readers might be, I replace certain letters in potentially "offensive" words with asterisks, to keep the blog "safe" for the entire family.
NOTE 2: I recently got a "complimentary" box of "quotation marks" and am trying to "use" them up.)


derekamalo said...

fran fran where are you....youve seen how much spamming me has hurt dans crediibility on not giving credit to anyone,,,,oops sorry read blog its all about me:)

i miss fido:(

Penny Mitchell said...

Ah, man. Rove. I was EATING!!!!!!

doug nicodemus said...


Anonymous said...

You're going to have to translate your post to English for me, Derek. But, I'll say it again, seeing as your handle on the language is shaky at best - what Piraro is doing is REDRAWING your comics, not "getting ideas" from them. My issue is and always has been that he is understating your input - what he is doing requires zero creativity or humor, merely drawing skills. You deserve more credit for these comics than he, really.

BTW, do you know what "spam" is? Ask one of your "helpers" in the computer lab.

john said...

straight from the printer to the shredder!

isee3dtoo said...

Penny, so was I.

I would water-board Rove, the puppet master, to see what he really knows but I don't think I would get anything useful out of him. Except for excrement that came out of a copy machine.

L. Erskine said...

When I was a kid my parents told me that people in Russia had toilet paper that was rough like sand paper.

So when I saw that image with the happy bears, I was thinking "Russian people would be that happy about toilet paper".

Phoenician said...

Hey -- does that strip REALLY say 9-01-09?? Cause if that's the case, then you are perhaps the most ahead-of-schedule cartoonist that I know of (and Pearls Before Swine's Stephan Pastis is typically 10 months ahead)

derekamalo said...

yes 9 - 01 - 09

yes great goof for the original holder may be worth millions in a couple years

isee3dtoo said...

Maybe in 09-01-09 we will see this comic again. Or on 09-01-09 we see a comic dated 09-01-08. That would be a bizarro-world.