Monday, September 1, 2008


Don't forget that NEXT WEEK I'm doing four comedy shows in NoCal. If you're within driving distance and you don't get to one of them, your grandkids will hate you for not having better stories about the old days.

Oakland California, Wed., Sept 10
San Francisco, Thurs., Sept 11
Sacramento, Sat., Sept 13

Click the links for tickets/info.

Dude (as the kids say), seriously, these shows are more fun than skydiving nude.

SPECIAL NOTE--NO FRIDAY SHOW!!: When I first listed these shows, I had the WRONG DATE on the late show at the Purple Onion on Thursday. Three tickets were sold before I noticed the error and have not been able to get the ticket company to respond to my emails. IF YOU HAVE A TICKET FOR THE PURPLE ONION ON FRIDAY SEPT 12, IT IS IN ERROR! Let me hear from you if going on Thursday is a problem and I'll get your money back. Thanks!


isee3dtoo said...

Oh, I would have done all three, I lived in the center of that mess for 20 years.

Now I live near the scrotum of America, Philadelphia. I can't figure out why they made Washington D.C., with the corruption in this city why build another one?

I must tell my friends to see the show but their excuse will be they are married with children and can't attend.

Boo, Hiss, Boo -- Do a show at Villanova University, I will sponsor you (meaning I will hang up free posters and buy pizza but you have to pay your own way).

Mike Duffau said...

what? no shows in LA! bummer.

doug nicodemus said...

you made me look at a naked guys hairy butt. penalty points here.

beforewisdom said...

Do a performance in Washington D.C.!

Stuart Forman said...

Clifford called me to clue me in, so my wife and I will be there!