Friday, April 18, 2008

Planks and Other Nice Walks

Today's Bizarro cartoon is brought to you by Home Despot.
"Ridding the planet of forests one tree at a time."

This cartoon is on the back cover of (and also inside) my upcoming book of pirate cartoons. It's called Bizarro Buccaneers and will be published in August. You will buy it and you will love it.

Those of you with far too many brain cells dedicated to memory may recognize this cartoon as one I did many many years ago and published who-knows-where. Someone reminded me of it and I couldn't find it anywhere, so I redrew it (and rewrote it a bit, for all I know) and popped it into Bizarro.


Nephilum said...

ha that's great! That just goes to show Ninja's are better than pirats because Pirates are only good for one job: Plundering.

^_^ thanks for the giggle ^_^

Anonymous said...

Ninjas are better, but Robots are indeed the penultimate. However, I Ninja Robot would be penultimater.

By the way, is that a slice of blueberry pie at the bottom of the panel in the middle?

Anonymous said...

My apologies. I should have said "A Ninja Robot." Not "I Ninja Robot." Although I would love to be a ninja robot, that is not what I intended to write.

Unknown said...

Hi Dan, just spotted the link to your blog on Very nicely done!

It's good to know I now have a classy way to get my Bizarro fix here in the south of France!

Hope all is well. All the best!

Ian D. Marsden

Craig Zablo said...

Just discovered your blog and have bookmarked it. Great stuff!

Rod McKie said...

Hey Dan,

fantastic, a blogload of Bizarro - in colour as well.

Who would be a pirate in the desert, eh?