Monday, April 14, 2008

National Surrealism Week

Today's cartoon is made possible by the letter "S," and an anonymous bit of punctuation.

As the cartoon implies, it is National Surrealism Week, so anything goes. This is not the week for the easily confused or startled. Being one of our nation's oldest official holidays, it is your patriotic duty to do something strange to add to the festivities. If you're out of ideas of your own, here are some suggestions:
1. Float 12 inches above the ground all day today. If someone comments, pretend you haven't the foggiest idea what they are talking about.
2. Schedule a national press conference, then midway through a sentence, melt over the podium like a piece of Velveeta.
3. Replace your own head with that of a giraffe's.
4. Behave like any member of the Bush administration.

Good luck everyone, and Happy Surrealism Week! Especially to my good buddy, fellow cartoonist, and stand-up comic from San Francisco, Michael Capozzola, who donated the seed to this cartoon. Mike is always up for a seed donation.


Geoff W. said...

Hey Dan,
Loving how you're now posting your comics up here, even if they are a week late. Ah well!
If I may request, I love it when you give insight into your thought process, or even a little story behind the making of each comic. Could you do that more often, if not daily?
Thanks a lot! Keep up the great, if not sometimes too surreal for me, work!

Anonymous said...

Whew, am I glad to hear that. I thought I was just going mad. Love seeing your strip up here, we don't have any pubs with your cartoon in it (the shmucks)

Jezzka said...

i love this cartoon! mc planted the seed for this gem? yay!! mike!