Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Big Tip

Today's cartoon is made possible by a grant from the Bellhops Union of Nevada. "If you plan to leave us alone with your bags, you had better tip generously."

The idea for this one was donated by a friend, Derek. It appealed to me because as a kid I enjoyed riding on luggage carts, and my wife still regularly does it when we visit fancy hotels. I'm usually the one pushing her around while she swings on the bar and howls like a monkey until security asks us to stop, but occasionally she'll talk a bellhop into doing it as she lies curled up in the fetal position among the luggage, as stone-faced as a statue. I've had her delivered to the room with the luggage many times, but I'm never sure how much to tip. CHNW likes to push the adage about the customer always being right to its limits.


Dan said...

I was told by a bellhop at the Crown Plaza in NYC that $5 was a good tip, $10 was a great tip, and for $20 he'd help me hide a body.

That was 10 years ago, so double those numbers, at least, but I bet for $20 you could take the cart to the parking ramp next door.

Sarasvati50 said...

Piece o' pie...mmmmmm...