Wednesday, April 16, 2008

See You At NY Comic Co

For those of you in the NYC area, I'll be signing, drawing, and selling junk at the Comic Con this weekend on Friday, April 18. At 2pm, I'll be at the Andrews McMeel Universal (AMU) booth signing posters of my new pirate cartoons book cover. The book won't be out until August, so these posters will be collector's items!

After that is over, about 3pm, I'll be hopping over to the IndieSpinnerRack booth and hanging out for a couple hours selling and signing my retrospective book (blue cover) from last year, drawing elaborate sketchcards (see examples below, front and back) for a nominal price, and selling my new line of trading cards, which are not even in stores yet! What?! Oh my god, ("oh my nobody" for atheist readers) the three or four Bizarro fans who show up for this event will go home with some rare booty, indeed!

Hope to see you there –and if you tell me you found out about it on my blog, I'll give you an extra special premium gift! Don't know what yet, but try not to act disappointed when you see it.


Brian said...

A book with 100% pirate comics, whoohooo.

I would love to see a book that's all superhero gags as well.

Atypical Accountant said...

boo-hoo-hoo! dan! i'll never get any of the collectors' items (seriously, who else but collectors want these) sketch cards, trading cards, autographed posters here in Malaysia. will you ever come to this part of the world?

Piraro said...

I'm not likely to come to Malaysia anytime soon, but I could mail you stuff.

Atypical Accountant said...

cool! will look fwd to stuff.

munchy365 said...

Yay. I just got the blue book.