Saturday, April 12, 2008

Sporting Sharks and Humans

Today's Bizarro cartoon (right) is brought to you by the wonders of electricity. Get some today!

Today's shark-infested funny is about the appalling habit we humans have of hiding sharp things in food and offering it to animals. We call it "fishing" and convince ourselves that because we can trick animals into hurting themselves, we should. I used to fish as a kid but I grew out of it–much later than I should have, I'm ashamed to say.

Fisherman who throw them back after injuring them are slightly more admirable, in my opinion. At least they admit they're hurting things for fun and not pretending that eating the victim justifies its suffering. We are a strange species.

The 'toon below is one I did on the same subject a few years back. Fly fishermen thought it was very funny, admitting the truth behind it. I suppose you have to admire them for "owning it."

CrazyHNW and I are fostering a baby racoon this weekend – smaller than a newborn kitten. I'll write about it in my next blog.

Check back for more shenanigans, amigos.


Anonymous said...

Love the subject of these two comics. People often forget about fish as feeling beings.

Anonymous said...

I really loved this comic when I read it today in the newspaper--I was actually going to make a point of letting you know, haha, now I can! I like it when you create satirical comics such as this one that I feel everyone would laugh at upon reading it--not realizing perhaps that it is animal rights immediately. It's that much more powerful when you get it, because you realize how ridiculus these things we do to animals are, and how you truly do believe its horrible and ridiculus because you thought the very idea of it happening to humans would be ludacris....

Do I make sense?

Either way, I like it.