Sunday, April 20, 2008

Watch It, Buddy

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At the height of its glory, the Aztec civilization boasted the largest city in the world, the most advanced sewage disposal and freshwater delivery system ever devised by humans, and a calendar capable of simultaneously predicting the future and decorating your living room. The scene above is of a typical Aztec community in the 15th century. Several members can be seen wearing the latest in Aztec technology, the calendar watch.


Karl said...

Yes, one of reasons those Aztec watches never caught on is, everyone wearing one was always late for work.

John Freeman said...

Very funny, but I thought the Aztecs didn't have the wheel? Or was that the Incas?

Jezzka said...

it's just as bad as the chinese abacus "calculator" watch, for some reason not as popular in the 80s as the ones casio came out with. i guess beads on wires is not as "cool".