Saturday, April 19, 2008


Ladies, gentlemen, both, undecided,
My good friend and fellow cartoonist and stand-up comedian, Michael Capozzola, is doing a comedy show in The Bay Area soon. Check out the poster below and PLEASE GO!

Readers of the SF Chron will recognize Mike as the cartoonist who does CHEAP CITY, the cartoon in the weekend watchamacallit. Please mention to the Chron how much you like Cheap City here: Mike has done tons of free publicity for me and for Bizarro and I think his feature is original and cool. It's locally-grown and hand-crafted with care, compassion, and no small amount of personal lubricant. What more can one ask for in one's comics?Thursday May 8th @ 8PM at La Pena Cultural Center in Berkeley. Show details at:

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Your geography is a bit bizzaro too! Berkeley is in Berkeley, not in San Francisco. Across the Bay, in Alameda County.

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