Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Pow Sex Tights

Bizarro is brought to you today by Ovum Racists.

Two super hero cartoons today, because I'm still in the super hero mode to load up my new book of Bizarro super hero cartoons coming out next spring, which I've talked about enough on this blog to make me vomit. Why do I keep talking about it? I don't know, maybe I'm hoping that it will sell more than a dozen copies and break all previous records for Bizarro books.

As much as it makes my gout flare up to admit it, I was a kid back in the late '60s when the original Batman TV show aired. If you've never seen it, do so. It was a gem. It was The Simpsons of its day in the sense that it ran in prime time, had big ratings, and was so quirky that celebrities were lining up to do cameos on it. But that's not important right now. What's important is that they had several corny fight scenes in each show, during which a giant "Pow!" or "Zok!" or "Bap!" was written across the screen in big comic book lettering. Just like in this cartoon, which is why I like it. Now you can stop wondering.

And what a great segue it was to have the word "wondering" in that last sentence. Because now we will talk about Wonder Woman. Wow. What a babe. In the late 60s, porn was not readily available to young boys such as myself, so Wonder Woman comic books were the object of my desires and fantasies. Oh, to be tied up by her magic lasso and...perhaps I'll leave the details for another blog, one about embarrassing personal sexual fantasies involving fictional Amazonian cartoon characters.

So here is Wonder Woman shopping for threads and it brings to mind another cartoon I did about super hero fashion, fresh from the dank archives of Bizarro International Headquarters.

Have a super day.


Gabi said...

The "Super Market" one makes me wonder what superheros go as for Halloween? Any suggestions?

Piraro said...

@Cheese Face...good question. Maybe us.

Unknown said...

I still have a autographed photo of Batman and Robin (holy swiss cheese!), which my sisters are incredibly jealous of as they have lost theirs.

Anonymous said...

The original Batman TV show was great, with all those Pows! and Zowies! Though I don't think I appreciated its campiness the first time around.

patrick said...

About five years ago, I was driving down Pacific Coast Highway in Laguna Beach, CA, and was surprised to find myself stuck in traffic next to a Batmobile. It looked just like the one in the tv show, but I imagine it must have been a replica. The driver was dressed in street clothes, so maybe Alfred sent it out for a detail.