Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Fun Web Site

Today I'd like to mention a favorite web site of mine. It's called and every day some guy named Doug writes emails back and forth with an unsuspecting person, just to be an idiot and "F" with them. It's not as cruel as it sounds (or as you might hope it would be if you're a heartless "A" hole) but it's funny. I always get a smile or six from it so I wanted to share.

1. click link
2. read some of it
3. bookmark
4. repeat



Souza Aranha said...

Hey, this website reminds of 27/B. Do you know it? The guy exchanges emails with unsuspecting people also.

This one between him and the secretary of his office is especially hilarious:

Piraro said...

@Sousa...yes, I've seen that exchange, it's hilarious. Thanks for the reminder. :o)