Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Crime and Sniffing

Bizarro is brought to you today by Other Cool Guys With Hats.

Good lord, this is a busy week at Bizarro International Headquarters. I'm doing a comedy set at Caroline's on Broadway tomorrow night, then Thursday is my birthday (hit "Donate" button at right, send money), then Friday night I'm one of the judges at Literary Death Match (a really unusual show full of improv, you'll likey), then Saturday morning I have to bounce (the young people use this word to mean "go") up to Woodstock Sanctuary to MC our annual Thanksliving dinner on Sunday.

Maybe this don't sound so busy to youse guys, but I normally work 8 or 10 hours each day, seven days a week to get all the crap done that is necessary to keep Bizarro Headquarters afloat. As they say in Alabama, I'm as busy as a racist at a hip-hop festival.

I usually celebrate my birthday each year by dressing like a hobo and hanging around the grounds of the governor's mansion, but this year I'm going to ignore it entirely and stay home. CHNW will likely make my favorite dinner (salt soup!) and we'll watch reruns of Hogan's Heroes. Ja wohl!

To come see me at Caroline's, click here for info.
To come see me at Literary Death Match, click here for info.
To see me at Woodstock Sanctuary, click here but it's sold out so sorry.

The bummer is that this weekend is also the New York Comic Con, which I'd like to drop into but probably won't have time.

Lastly, the old cartoon from my archives today is one that appeared when most people only saw my cartoons in actual newspapers. It doesn't work so well on the Interwebs, but feel free to lick your finger and try it. My favorite part is the last headline on the bottom of the front page. Click the image to read it more big.


monsterzero said...

Brilliant! always brilliant. how the heck do ya do it? No… REALLY… TELL ME!

Unknown said...

All the fake headlines on that newspaper are funny. They made me laugh out loud at the computer. Thankfully, I live alone, so no one thought of me as strange. :)

Happy Birthday! Thanks for all the great comics.

JohnM said...

Hey Dan,
Since I'm already in Albany, I'll celebrate your birthday by hanging around outside the Governor's Mansion for you. Happy Birthday.

Allan Koay said...

ah you are a fellow Libran.

Elizabeth said...

Hey, it's MY birthday on Thursday! How can it be your birthday, too?

Thanks for all the funnies!

Unknown said...

I think I like the title of that newspaper as much as the joke itself. The Daily Terrifier, indeed!

Happy BerffDay too ,dude! Hope it's a good'un!

DaveinT.O.) said...

Happy Birthday, Dan!
(Your cheque is in the mail.)

Jodie said...

Happy Birthday!

edjusted said...

Happy belated birthday. Salt soup! Hmm, now I'm wondering what MSG soup would taste like.