Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Baloney Show Redux

After many years of people asking me to post video of my comedy shows, I finally managed to get one on the web. Go here to see clips from my full-length, elaborate, one-man comedy show which hasn't been performed in its entirety since '08 and will likely never be performed again – The Bizarro Baloney Show. This is the one I debuted in The New York International Fringe Festival in '02 and won "Best Solo Show" for. I also got a nice review in The New York Times, but, alas, nobody reads that shameless left-wing rag.

And the same folks that put up the comedy show clip have further demonstrated their twisted sense of reality by attempting to get me nominated for a Kennedy Center Honor. Yes, it's ridiculous, but the best things in life always are! Here's how you can help.


monsterzero said...

funnu stuff!! like the humpty-dumpty character.
any way to see the whole thing? (or more, at least)

Chris L, Vancouver said...

Dan, you have a mellifluous speaking voice. Always a pleasure to hear you speak.

James said...

Hey Dan, any thoughts on the Helen Thomas and/or the Gaza controversy?

Piraro said...

@monsterzero...I've to a few versions of the whole thing somewhere around here. If I find one I'll sell the whole show on DVD maybe. : )

@James...I'm on a news embargo and have paid very little attention to current affairs lately. Every now and then I won't read or listen to any news for a few weeks, just to decompress.

Lucky & Tom O'Connell said...


Tried to vote and recommend but just won't join Facebook... even for you!

But it was GREAT