Thursday, June 24, 2010

Big Complaints

Bizarro is brought to you by Environmental Catastrophes.

I've seen a lot of cartoons on the BP spill but I've not seen this done. My friend, Richard Cabeza, had this idea and I really like it.

I'm not going to discuss the spill much other than to say it is a heartbreaking catastrophe of our own making. An even larger catastrophe is commercial fishing in the past 100 years. Experts estimate as much as 90% of large fish are gone from he oceans as a result. The ocean is the weather engine of the planet. We screw that up, the whole thing implodes.

On a slightly different note, I found a YouTube video of a Texas guy calling Jimmy Dean Sausage to complain. It is hilarious, tragic, and says a lot about what's wrong with us. Don't know whether to laugh or cry.

It has a lot of what many people consider to be "bad language" so I'm only providing the link, as opposed to posting the actual video. Gotta keep my site mostly family friendly.


spyra said...

It is not a spill. A spill is what happens when you knock over a glass of milk. A spill is what you get when you kick a bucket of water. A spill is what happens when a small fixed quantity escapes its container.

This is a blowout. What's happening in the gulf is neither small or contained. It's an ecological catastrophe.

And the sooner that the media begin using the true name to describe this disaster, instead of an innocuous euphemism, the more likely the enormity of the event — and what it means for our seemingly insatiable demand for energy — will permeate our collective conscious.

Anonymous said...

"a heartbreaking catastrophe of our own making..."

well said, Dan, well said

ojeano said...

I agree with Spyra.

As for the cartoon, it's a whistling past the graveyard approach, which ain't all bad.

I say we put the top BP execs and Dick Cheney (for his role in environmental deregulation) on one of those one horse power motor boats in the middle of the slick with maybe a bottle of perrier each, just to avoid being cruel, and let 'em try to work themselves out of it.