Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tough Guy, Ugly Baby, Free Show

Bizarro is brought to you today by Tough Guys.

Writing this cartoon made me wonder how long it will be before there is a "reality" show featuring actual boxers who have to perform feats of dexterity while wearing their gloves. Like typing or tying a shoe. Could happen.
This is one of those silly cartoons that has no particular point to it, which I mentioned in a blog a few days ago.

I suppose you could say the next cartoon is in the same category. I actually got this idea from my sister who recently became a grandmother, not that her grandson looks anything like this. She laughingly said she didn't know if it was genetic programming or what, but she honestly thought her new grandson was the cutest baby she'd ever seen.

It is genetic programming, of course, not just in her case but in the case of all mammals. If we didn't think our babies were cute as hell, nothing would stop us from smothering them the first time they woke us up in the middle of the night screaming. Scientists actually call this "the cute gene," and all species that need care as infants have it. Ones that are capable of surviving on their own the minute they're born aren't "cute," they just look like miniature adults. Snakes are an example. So, probably, was Ann Coulter.

On a happier note, Thursday night here in NYC is an art show at the Bowery Hotel. Performing a couple of live acoustic sets at the show is my friend Rhett Miller, solo artist and front man/singer/songwriter for Old 97s. He's amazing live – very energetic – and his songs are killer good. Go here for info, the show is free and I'll be there with CHNW, for sure. For an additional 40% off the cover charge, tell them Bizarro sent you. As I said, the show is free.


ojeano said...

Dig these, Man you're like, totally on a roll! Boxing gloves one especially!

patrick said...

I like the boxing comic. It reminds me of some of your early stuff.

erin said...

Hi! Wondering if you can direct me to my favorite comic. The one where the bird is lying on the therapist's couch and says "my mother used to puke in my mouth".

I saw it cut out somewhere and almost started crying I was laughing so hard...

Thank you!

pixie said...

Yeah, but baby snakes ARE cute!! Has anybody ever encountered one? I have and was amazed at how endearing the little lady or fella actually was, like a very active and colorful earthworm.

Huw Aaron said...

HA! Brilliant...and kinda the opposite of a recent cartoon of mine: