Monday, March 8, 2010

Sunday Punnies #5

(Click the image to engorge with size)

Bizarro is brought to you today by 24 Hour Party People.

Look, boys and girls, just above the lettering, it's another edition of Bizarro's Sunday Punnies! I think this is the fifth or sixth one I've done in the ongoing series. (If only there were some way to keep track.)

I didn't get a chance to post a Sunday cartoon over the weekend, so here's one now. As I've mentioned before, the majority of the puns from this series are from readers. People send me lots of puns but I rarely think they are worthy of a stand-alone cartoon. My Sunday Punnies series is a fun way to include them in a bonus pack of punnery. So send your puns now! They must be original (you didn't get it from another cartoon somewhere) and you must acknowledge that you will get nothing in return for your donation, other than a wink and a hearty thank you from yours, truly. But isn't that the true spirit of giving?

You can't imagine the fun of opening the Sunday Comics (or the Internets) and seeing your idea illustrated in full color by a legendary comics icon such as myself until it actually happens! Even then, you'll have to pinch yourself to be sure you're not dreaming!*

*The author of this blog does not accept responsibility for any injury or disfigurement resulting from the pinching of readers. If you feel you may be at risk of somnambulistic self-mutilation, experts recommend wearing mittens to bed.


Unknown said...

I was in a medical office building whose brand of elevators was Schindler! Have you done this pun already? Schindler's Lift!
Send a picture?

JCB said...

Spaceship, pie, K2, and dynamite. For the first time since I started counting, I can't find as many symbols as the number by your signature. Looking again today, I still can't find the fifth one. Darn! I know, I know, I should get a life.

Piraro said...

@JCB...this one is really tricky. The one you're missing is the eyeball, which is a part of the stone carving on the wall in the upper right corner. Very deceiving, I know.

Angry Quaker said...

I'd like to see your artistic interpretation of the best TV show that didn't get made - "Malcolm X In The Middle"

Anonymous said...

I know I'm way late in getting to this party, but you may be pleased to know this comic has been clipped out of our local paper and is currently pinned to one of the bulletin boards at my job. Oh, and I work for the USPS. Been meaning to stop by and share since I first saw it up, but... well, life.


mamallamadingdong said...

A thief broke into the local police station and stole all the toilets and urinals, leaving no clues. A spokesperson was quoted as saying, "We have absolutely nothing to go on."

mmf1 said...

"He's really funny, but he'll never be a stand-up comedian!"

(That's my husband, Jim Gonsalves. He uses a power wheelchair.)

mmf1 said...

After he had polio, people said he would end up a vegetable. He'd probably be a globe artichoke since he travels so much.

(From conversations with Ed Roberts, founder of the first Center for Independent Living in Berkeley, CA. Also used a power wheelchair.)

Unknown said...

"I'm divorcing you for unrecyclable differences!"