Friday, March 5, 2010

Up All Night

Bizarro is brought to your attention today by
Two Feet of Snow.

I've recently finished a personal project in which I have carefully reviewed that last 35 years of my life and created a chart of the number of times I have stayed up all night and the reason why. I hope you will find it entertaining and informative.

Partying 2
Working on a deadline 27
Worrying 11
Sick 14
Talking 4
Having sex 0
Arguing 23
Tripping on recreational drugs 0
Tripping on prescription drugs 3
Reading a good book 1
Squatting with binoculars in the
bushes of a celebrity's home 0
Being brainwashed by the enemy 0
Driving to Las Vegas to bail out a
family member

I suspect I will lose some sleep over this list.


E said...

re: "Partying"

Nice outfits (snug!), great photo.

Anonymous said...

You are seriously twisted.
Having said that, I now REALLY want to know more about leeches...

ojeano said...

You show us the toe with the leeches, I show you this recent discovery:

Very brain-sticky stuff. I subtitle it, "how the russians really won the cold war."

Sammy said...

What? No "watching Fox News"?

June said...

I sometimes stay up all night with hot flashes. This is a warning to all women of 50 plus. Be ready.
PS. I liked the accordians the past couple of days. Even though I see bumper stickers that say
Play an accordian, go to jail, I still like them. And bagpipes, too. They go right through to your bones and make you tingle.


But your relatives mug shot is from Florida. Was that a fifth night?

George in Sarasota said...

Great list Dan. Thanks.

LYoung said...

Very great list and so true to life!