Thursday, March 25, 2010


One week from today, April 1st, I'll be appearing in a terrific comedy show in NYC benefiting Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary. We have an amazing lineup (myself notwithstanding) and have just added Lizz Winstead, a true hero in the comedy world.

Lizz co-created The Daily Show, served as head writer, and hired such talents as Stephen Colbert and Lewis Black. She's also a well-known, national headlining comedian appearing on HBO, and in The Aspen Comedy Festival.

You won't get a lineup of headliners like this (myself notwithstanding) in any other single comedy show, I guarantee. And all the money goes to a great cause.

Get tickets here or suffer the consequences!


Corynn said...

Totally off topic. This is a spoof on the corn syrup commercials and it made me think of you:

Jongudmund said...

I wish we could make it, but it's a bit of a way from Cardiff Wales!

Have a great night though!

zczc said...

Cant make it, gotta work. Love the lineup and WFAS is a favorite charity, donated a car. So I must suggest you sell downloads of the show on iTunes for suckers like me. PS MY IDEA - I get a free copy. Love ya.

Christina said...

Yeah. Sell downloads. You can use and sell them yourself off the blog here or wherever without a big production.