Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Parrot Psychology

Bizarro is brought to you by The Life of the Artist.

Knowing how to ask for what you want in life is an important skill. Many people suffer through years of discomfort within a relationship because they don't know how to ask for what they want from their partner.

This includes everything from simple things like, "I'd like you to spend more time on the backs of my knees during our lovemaking," to more complex issues like, "I would feel more comfortable if you did not sleep in full combat gear."

After years of therapy, I recently asked CHNW if she would be more sensitive to my insecurities regarding my checkered past. Specifically, I'd like her to stop introducing me as her "former jailbird husband." She happily complied, she'd had no idea it bothered me. Why did I wait so long?

I encourage all of my readers to work on these areas, as our friend the parrot is doing today.


Anonymous said...

love this!
and the link to the Jesus knock-knock joke - happy easter!

Anonymous said...

How can I have missed the jailbird story? Please recap for those of us who weren't here, or have alarmingly short memory retention.

Jym said...

=v= The half-nekkid part of that photo must be in the back. She's mooning the bodega.

Jezzka said...

backs of knees? is that a new karma sutra move i don't know about? haha actually, i need to learn some new moves... maybe a trip to toys in babeland is in order.

glad to hear chnw and you are keepin' it real. communication of needs is key to any happy healthy relationship, it's usually not as scary as one thinks as long as there is respect for the other person's needs and happiness, open communication usually bonds rather than destroys. :)

ojeano said...

Until I saw the photo of the pregnant stretch marked woman and her gun totin' man, I was certain the theory about "the Reptillians" was falacy, now I'm not so sure.

And: Poor Polly. Can only ask for what she's been told to ask for, unless she finds a parrot psychologist...