Monday, March 1, 2010

Cat in a Box

Bizarro is brought to you today by Inappropriate Pets.

I suppose most cats enjoy boxes and wrapping paper, that's nothing new. We live with three cats and all three are into this. I'm not sure why anyone bothers to waste money on cat toys, cats hate them.

Of our three, one of them likes boxes and small enclosures so much, she sits in them almost constantly. If she's awake, there's a pretty good chance she's in a box or laundry basket somewhere in the house. We leave them lying around for her. She likes deep ones where only her ears stick out the top and also very small ones which only her ass and hind legs will fit into. It looks like she's wearing cubicle, cardboard hot pants.

Enough with the cute animal stories. The previous post about the dog taking a Rorschach test elicited a lot of different interpretations. The cartoon itself is something of a Rorschach test, apparently. I didn't think of that when I drew it, but I like it.

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David Franks said...

Cats appear to wish that they hadn't been born. They seek out womblike places and spend a great deal of their time in the fetal postition.

I can't really blame them.

Jodie said...

Our cat loves cardboard boxes (even ones folded up to lay on), balls of paper, string, dog toys and of course wrapping paper too. Anything paper/cardboard and laundry baskets. She has her own chair in the living room and a place on the couch. Shares the ottoman with the dog reluctantly. They have a play/hate/chase/cat claw/dog bark relationship that keeps changing. She used to hide from the dog in the kitchen cabinets, now she rules the house again, only the dog hasn't figured it out yet.

Lucky & Tom O'Connell said...


I HAVE your iPhone app... sure it's nice but it's a spoiler for this blog !!

Why not add the blog as a feature of the iPhone app and then we can wait a week on the iPhone to see the cartoons as well

Seriously... it's a very nice app, but we need some guidance here about suggested workflow vis a vis the web blog and the iphone cartoons. You MUST have SOME suggestions?


Prospero said...

OK, but what obsessive licking? I had a cat who licked EVERYTHING. Plastic bags, the curtains, my face... everything. It got to the point where I had to make sure some things were out of her reach, just so she wouldn't poison herself. She was also very needy and cried if I didn't hold her while I was home, though ignored other people when I wasn't home. And in case you're wondering, I rescued her and this behavior was ingrained long before I ever got her. Cats are weird. But that's why we love them.


Love all of the cat pictures. Although I was slightly disappointed to not see the cat hot pants. I was hoping for that picture as they progressed.

Padraic said...

I love the picture of the three cats in the boxes.

Especially since it belongs to Brynn Newton of Flagler Beach, FL, who took the picture several years ago and originally posted it to