Thursday, March 25, 2010

Smart Apes

Bizarro is brought to you today by Ebony and Ivory.

Is there nothing to see here? Really?

One might have thought that there was nothing much left of racism in America until recently. Racism is a very primitive impulse, at one time in our distant past, it was beneficial to distrust those not from your "tribe." And while most of us have evolved to see the foolishness in that kind of thinking in modern society, there are still plenty of us who operate from the primitive parts of our brains. This kind of grunting, chest-beating throwback to our hairier ancestors rises and falls throughout history and so I suspect that this current wave, too, shall pass. Let's hope no serious casualties result in the meantime.

I often wish that "intelligent design" were true, so that our species might behave more intelligently.

This cartoon has nothing to do with racism, of course, it's just been on my mind lately. Tomorrow, a funnier post.


Unknown said...

There seems to be a wave of divisiveness that's swelling in our country at the moment. It's my opinion that this is coming from groups of people with very small and archaic world views. What scares me is that these groups of people seem to be the in the majority. Sensible people of the world, UNITE!

Fryewerk said...

It's a desert, some people go to the desert for the beauty and serenity. Cacti can be interesting. What I'm getting at is, did you consider the people standing in a white void with nothing but a thin black line to suggest a horizon? That's still not quite nothing, but certainly less nothing than a desert something.

doug nicodemus said...

you know i love your stuff...and it is a great sight gag but it is also why deserts have been so abused as eco systems...there is plenty to see in a desert from coyotes, road runners, condors and rattle snakes to kangeroo mice and giant cacti...not complaing just saying..

Anonymous said...

Grunting, chestbeating free association:

Piraro said...

No disrespect meant to the desert, I love deserts and go out of my way to visit them. By "nothing to see here" I meant there is obviously nothing a cop would be talking about when delivering that cliche line. I guess I could have made it a little more bleak, no cactus or whatever. Wish I'd thought of that. A blank scene with just a horizon would have left the reader to think I was implying something but not drawing it. That was my thinking, anyway.

Piraro said...

@anonymous...that link was hysterical. Why have I not heard of that show before? Brilliant stuff.

Jarett said...

I too thought racism was disappearing.

And then I started reading the comments on YouTube videos. Yikes! I'm hoping it's primarily immature kids and teenagers writing that garbage and that they have just yet to mature, but if it's not, then the world hasn't become nearly as sophisticated as we thought.

Let somebody express their perceptions anonymously or with an alias and you'll find out what kind of person they truly are!

MarkS said...

@Aaron -

The wave of divisiveness has been sweeping the country for the past 20 years. Folks on the left and folks on the right all know that divisiveness is good for business (and it's all about the money, don't kid yourself).