Saturday, January 30, 2010


A lot of people wrote to me and said they particularly liked this cartoon, so I've put it on a T-shirt. If you want to display your wickedly sophisticated sense of humor and musical taste, order yours now.

Don't forget they also make great gifts for the musician or audiophile in your life!

I want to see the shirt now!!!


Anonymous said...

Be careful Simon Cowell doesn't sue you for patent infringement.

YazDay said... true!

Fryewerk said...

Looks like Vini Reilly. Poor chap, never hurt anyone.

ojeano said...

When are you gonna post the one with the ventriloquist dummy so I can go on and on about how hard it made me laugh?

worried fan said...

Dan are you OK? It is Feb 3 with no blogs since Saturday.

Anonymous said...

Inquiring minds want to know: How do you come up with these hilarious pictures to illustrate your blog? Do you Google [or whatever] to find them yourself or do you have a twisted lacky on payroll?

I love the cartoons but by the time I'm thru the links, I'm your slave.

~ Bugsby

Piraro said...

@bugsby...I find them myself, I wish I could afford a lacky. : )

I use various methods like Google 'image'. Any time I happen to come across a funny picture, I save it for later use, if I'm looking for something to link to a specific word, I start at a search engine. Glad you like them.

@ojeano..ventriloquism gag is soon!