Saturday, January 2, 2010

Bigfoot Follies

Bizarro is brought to you today by Science.

A lot of cartoonists do holiday-themed cartoons on major holidays as a matter of routine, I only do them now and then. If I can think of a good one far enough ahead to use it, I will, but I'm often oblivious to the date or what's coming up in the next month or two so it just doesn't work out. A few days before Xmas this year, for instance, I thought of a great cartoon about the Three Wise Men but, alas, it will have to wait until next year.

I like this one because it makes a ridiculous connection between two very unlikely bedfellows. The idea of Bigfoot throwing presents through people's windows makes me giggle. And giggling is good.

Today is the day after New Year's Day, sometimes referred to by laymen as January 2nd. My good friend and genius cartoonist, Reuben Bolling published a particularly brilliant cartoon today so I thought I'd post it here for your edification. Hope you like it, hope you have a prosperous '10.

Click the cartoon to biggernize it.


ojeano said...

Reuben's cartoon: perfect!

Sasquatch Claus: I couldn't tell he threw the gifts in the window. I thought he escaped crashing through it to get out of the house when the guy spotted him.

Happy Day after New Year's!!!

doug nicodemus said...

heh that one never ran in my area...but its pretty funny...welcome back..

bkengland said...

This one absolutely rocks! So right on target, my friend!

June said...

Your Xmas cartoon was the best. And your friend's cartoon is excellent, too. Here in CA, where we are accused of being liberal enviro-mentals, mountain lions and bears interact more and more with the incursive housing development humans. If anyone gets bit or a pet disappears, the wild animal gets dead and I have to rant all day to everyone I see. It's not good.

Dave in Toronto said...

The three wisemen rode across the desert, (following the star). Arriving at the stables, they dismounted from their camels, and arms laden with gifts, walked towards the stable door.
The wiseman in front was rather tall, and smashed his forehead against the upper doorframe!?!
Dropping his armload of gifts, he reels back, clapped his hand to his bleeding forehead, and shouts out: "JESUS CHRIST!"
Hearing the commotion, Mary emerges from the manger, and sez:
"That's a great name- I was gonna call him Fred."

Plan 9 Studios said...

No offense Dan, but I'm cheating on you and now find two cartoons disgustingly funny.