Friday, January 15, 2010

Dr. Prevaricator

Bizarro is brought to you today by a Visit to the Doctor.

Regular readers will remember that two days ago I claimed it was my birthday and that I was off to the doctor for my yearly checkup. Both things happened, here is the update:

1. Because of my birthday claim, a handful of you donated funds to my paypal account and received a personal email of thanks from me. I am touched. My heart is weeping. I feel goo in my shoes. Honestly, you are too kind and I assure you that the money will not be spent on booze, courtesans, cheap cigars or flashy clothing. Nor will I spend it on unnecessary items. (ba da boom)

2.Doctor visit was fine. He looked at, around, over, and in me and found nothing alarming. He also borrowed some bodily fluids for further testing (I told him he could keep them, no need to give them back) and told me to call next week for results. I'll let you know if any particularly dark news comes my way, but I'm not expecting any, as I have no symptoms.

Except for my gushing eyes, which continue to weep from the kindness shown by those of you who hit the "donate" button at right. Garsh, I'm beside myself.

4 comments: said...

L.A. Times January 13 the comic "Baby seat on the motorcycle. You made a great drawing of a BMW R75/5, vintage 1972-73. My first bike. Was there any significance in this choice of bikes?

Annette Levy said...

Now would the time in the cartoon be 2:20 or 4:10? It's confusing when I don't know which of Mickey's hands are the hour or the minute hand.

Other than that, Happy B-Day, and may you continue to experience good health!

Piraro said...

Yes, it's my bike, (though mine is white.)

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