Thursday, January 28, 2010


Thanks to everyone who played our incredibly exciting Bizarro Puzzler Teaser Treasure Hunt Game Thing this week. We have our three winners, with a caveat.

1. First place goes to someone good at solving puzzles but not at reading instructions. It was submitted anonymously and had no email address. So who are you? Below, I have posted your winning list. If you can tell me what expletive you began your post with, then provide me with an email address, I'll send you your prize. Leave it in the comments section to any post, I'll see it when I moderate comments and not post your email address.

2. Second place goes to he who goes by "dcr". He's won second place before, and may win first place this week if I don't hear from our mysterious anonymous submitter.

3. Goes to Randy S. He, too, has won before too, taking top honors in contest #15.

A couple of submitters got in before any of you three, but neither had all 15 correct answers.

Here's a new feature, click here if you want to see the 15 differences graphically circled. Cool.

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Victorrrrrrrrrr said...

The key is a brilliant idea. It's one of those things that you go 'Well, why didn't we think of that, like, 8 years ago?' type deals.

And everyone did enjoy the presentation, because even though I was as scarily energitic and random as a young Robin William's stand-up, and as sweaty but only 10 feet away instead of sittingintheaudience away..
it was still better than class.

So... there...