Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Angry Shiny People

Bizarro is brought to you today by Biker Bars.

To "Worried Fan": thanks for the comment on the last post about being worried about me because I hadn't posted in three days. Very kind of you. Actually, other obligations and activities just sort of got the best of me and I haven't had time, but I'm back now. (cough) Nothing to worry about. (cough, whince)

This is an almost entirely visual gag with the punchline being the sunglasses. The tiny "4" above my signature tells us that I miscounted the symbols in this cartoon and, oddly enough, my editor didn't ask me about it. She's usually very diligent with these things. Normally, I count each time a given symbol appears, so two birds and two "K2"s would count as four, then there's the eyeball and piece of pie on the ground, totaling six. I'm rarely this far off my game, but I may have still been hungover from that wild night of partying with celebrities, drugs, alcohol and orgiastic sex. Oh, wait, I'm thinking of Lindsay Lohan. I probably just spaced out.

Contest tomorrow, Thursday, Feb 4. Spread the word, but don't get caught!


tommy said...

I think the sheath is on the wrong side of the shining knight if you're worried about small details. At least he holds the sword as if he's right handed... :)

Steve Williams said...

I saw this one in the paper in black and white and, because it is mostly a visual gag, it didn't come off so well. I got it, but it seemed a little week. Now that I see it in color, with the lovely glow around the armor, it really brightens things up and makes that gag so much stronger!