Thursday, February 18, 2010

Words, Phones, Beards, Snow, Puzzle

Bizarro is brought to you today by Overly Long Book Titles That Make People Uncomfortable.
Today we have a bit of wordplay in the tradition of my cartoon idol, B. Kliban. This was another collaborative effort with my word-obsessed friend, Cliff.

Speaking of words:
1. Some commentators pointed out in yesterday's post that I have confused the meaning of the term "goatee" with "Van Dyck." I have no doubt you are correct, but I lost my facial hair terms chart the last time I moved and so was utilizing common vernacular.

2. A couple of people wrote in the comments section that they had small problems with one aspect or another of my Bizarro iPhone app. All I can say is that mine works fine as does my wife's and a handful of friends I've talked to, but I will mention your comments to the programmers. Bugs in phone apps tend to float around indiscriminately, depending on how good the 3G reception is in your area, how many times you've dropped your phone, and how hemp oil-stained your fingers are when you push the buttons. My exprience with iPhone apps is that all the stuff works most of the time in most apps, and they're either free or a couple of bucks, so I figure it's just the chance you take.

3. I don't have time to post a contest today because I'm out of town this weekend and trying to achieve some deadlines in early. I'm speaking to a Florida group from the Center for Inquiry, which should be fun and certainly a good deal warmer than Brooklyn.

4. To reiterate in larger type: SORRY, NO CONTEST PUZZLE THING THIS WEEK.


Anonymous said...


I got the iPhone app, but now I'm bummed... if I figure this right, by the time I read your blog (every day), I will already have read the cartoon!

I don't know what I expected; maybe a cartoon kit so I could be as funny as you, but the app will wreck the blog, won't it?

Wonder if you have a suggested workflow for Bizarro enlightenment for us that want both worlds to be best?


Dan the deal man said...

Cool, Where I Florida are you heading? I'm here in Tampa

Anonymous said...

Ah, B. Kliban! Someday I hope they publish The Complete Works Of.

Jym said...

=v= She doesn't look so half-naked to me.

serendipityrose said...

Oooh, you could stop by Pensacola Friday night for our Freethinkers movie night!

Let me know if you want the address. :-)

Piraro said...

@ Anonymous (tom)...
The cartoons on the blog have already appeared in newspapers and on the web up to a week before I post them, so that part is nothing new. My intention for the blog is for my cartoon to be half the fun and the comments (and links) to be the other half. You still get those, even if you look at the app every day, so it still seems like a good thing to me. Hope you see it that way, too. :)

Piraro said...

@dan...I'll be at the Unitarian Universalist Church in Clearwater; at 11am Saturday, 2470 Nursery Rd., about 1/2 mile west of US19. Come on by and hear the talk, you might have to pay a couple bucks to get in, but it won't be much. It will be funny, but not a comedy show, per se. More of a talk about religion, humanism, comedy, etc.

@Jym...This time she had the sense to wear a coat.

@serendipityrose...sounds like fun, thanks for the invitation, but I'm flying Friday night and won't be there until late.