Thursday, February 25, 2010


This was a spirited contest this week, lots of entries and a good time was had by all. Our winners this week are as follows:
Grand Prize!!!!...Megan
2nd Prize!!!...Spyra
3rd Prize!!...Marcello

Both our second and third place winners are previous winners, but I think Megan is new. Many congrats to the winners and everyone who played. If you want to see the winning answers as Megan submitted it, click here.

If you'd like to see the answers graphically displayed in high-tech, click here.

Tune in tomorrow and every day for more monkey shines, and next Thursday for another contest!


spyra said...

Thanks for hosting, Dan!! It was loads of fun. =)

Btw, why is Richard Simmons such a popular addition to the contests? Just curious!

Piraro said...

I just think Richard Simmons is a ridiculous person who is fun to drop inexplicably into my contest. Something about it makes me laugh. :)

Allan Koay said...

Mr Piraro, due to the time difference and the annoying existence of international time zones, i am unable to join any of your contests thus far. :(

but i have no suggestions for any alternatives.

er, your contests ARE open to international participants, right?

Anonymous said...

Why are you so mean to overweight persons? We have feelings too you know. Why do we offend you so much? The last gasp of a dying society is placing too much emphasis on outward appearance. P.S. I eat healthy, enjoy moderate exercise (Sex and walks) yet remain a size 14. As my Norwegian grandmother said to me " well you were built to carry a pig under each arm to market across the vales and dales" ( I admit, it loses some "essence" due to translation woes) yet the substance remains: we are not all worthy of discriminatory catcalls you high metabolism snob. There, see I can do it too. Too bad that is considered a compliment in this day and age.