Monday, October 5, 2009

I Am a Twit

Bizarro is brought to you today by The Joy of Fatherhood.

Twitter is sweeping the nation and not a moment too soon, the nation is a mess. (Get it? "Sweeping" can also mean using a broom to tidy up.)

Twitter is using a broom to tidy up the nation and thank goodness. I was wondering when I would be able to read the random thoughts of random people in 140 characters or less. Like most cynical, too-cool-for-school hipsters, I eschewed Twitter, thinking it bourgeois and therefore, beneath me.

But then a friend talked me into trying it and now I'm hooked. Not hooked the way "the kids" these days are, writing random thoughts down hour by hour and reading the random thoughts of others. I just write something once a day or so and read a few of the Tweets of people I'm following. And not hooked the way a fanboy might be, drooling over Kim Kardashian's report about her trip to the dry cleaners. (I don't know if Kardashian is a Twit or not, so I went to Twitter and searched her name. I found millions of Tweets mentioning her name, one of which led to this link, for some odd reason. So there is some valuable information to be found on Twitter.)

I started Twirping a few weeks ago, mentioning my daily blog topic or something funny I'd seen or thought of. It's kind of fun and a few of the people I follow have interesting links in their Twaps, too.

All I'm saying is, I could live without it but I can see the fascination. Like chartreuse.

If you want to follow me on Twitter, my Twat is pirarobizarro. It's free, there's no obligation, and no representative will call. What are you waiting for? Grab a broom and join us. The nation needs sweeping.


ojeano said...

Dear Mr. Piraro: I shall not be approaching your twat.

However: You might enjoy: "Flutter, the new Twitter" (not mine).


Waldo said... for me, I think it is quite hilarious that everyone thinks that twitter is the second coming of sliced bread. They are receiving serious funding and I believe with the recent round of financing they have been valued at a billion.

But the punchline is that Twitter has no business model that will make them profitable. (for the lawyers out there... only my opinion since I am not in their boardrooms, offices, etc...) Twitter is free service where Twitter pays ~.10 per outgoing message and $0.00 incoming. Maybe they can make up the loss with extra volume.

Unknown said...

Why is Twitter so popular? It's unbeknown to me. Fact is: Twitter is HUGE and growing. Thanks for jumping on the Twitter Train, Mr. Piraro.

Zoe D said...

I eschewed Twitter at first, too. The first time I saw it was in 2007, and every time I looked at the public timeline, the tweets were either about going to get coffee or they were in a language I couldn't read. Not fun. I got REALLY into it during the last election season, though, and am still into it. Unfortunately, like all media, the morons and naked girls are ruining the experience. I know that some people are into morons and a lot of people are into naked girls, but there's really only so much of either that's necessary on a site like Twitter.

sheer.nothingness said...

I didn't really like twitter until I signed up to some feeds from people like Rachel Maddow who use it as a way to post interesting links. However, those interesting links are totally scrambled twitter friendly tiny urls, and I have no idea what I'm clicking until I go there, which annoys me.
Btw, you're the second person I've seen make 'the tweet/twat connection' (a phrase i'm going to patent), after John Cleese. That I've only seen two people do this probably means I'm waaaay behind on twitter.

Anonymous said...

Monkeyboy is gonna whip you for that first "fatherhood" link!!!!! ha ha Oh damn.

doug nicodemus said...

my thumbs are too large for twitter. so i shall not approach your twat...however if the chnw twitted i would follo

Robert Gidley said...

Funny thing about this cartoon is how true it is. They had the junior senator from Missouri on an NPR quiz show over the weekend, and she said that although there are many senators who twitter, she's the only one who self-twitters.

Which means--yup, there's aides who handle all that tedious twittering for the senators.