Thursday, October 15, 2009


Click on the cartoon contest image below to enlarge.

As usual, the top image is the original cartoon, the warped image beneath it has been changed. Your mission, if you are courageous enough to conquer it, is to find those differences.

1. There are 15 differences between the two cartoons.
2. NONE of the differences have to do with the warped nature of the second image.
3. ALL of the differences are something missing, added, or moved, not just "bent" from the distortion. The differences will not be too subtle, so once you spot one you should be relatively certain you've found it. (As opposed to something like, "I think the shadow of the coffee cup is a little darker. Hmmm.")
4. FIRST PERSON to correctly list the 15 differences in the comments section of the contest post wins 5 packs of Bizarro Trading Cards, mailed by me personally from Bizarro International Headquarters in Brooklyn. I'll even lick the stamp, unless it's self adhesive. SECOND AND THIRD persons with correct answers will each get 2 packs of Bizarro Trading Cards!
5. Put your email address on your comment so I can contact you if you win. I won't post it or keep it or file it or sell it or mount a Broadway musical about it.

Enjoy and good luck!


Seth said...

1. Aria 61 instead of 51
2. Soldier is holding broom/rake
3. bowl of flowers changes in bottom right
4. K2 becomes X2
5. rock is missing behind alien
6. star on truck has 6 points instead of 5
7. spotlight is missing in upper left
8. design (crest) missing in upper left
9. audience member gets a cowboy hat
10. rabbit moves up a box
11. audience member gets bra (bottom right)
12. license plate appears on truck
13. dynamite moves
14. alien missing toe
15. soldier wearing high heel

Joel said...

an addendum to my earlier comments..

(i hope this is allowed...)

the dynamite is moved slightly between the two images (61 and 51)


Unknown said...

Wow, this is the first time I entered a contest this way, so let's hope I get this right... Here goes: All description of bottom pic. 1)Aria "6"1 2)Soldier with high heel shoe 3)Other soldier with broom 4)Different star on Jeep 5)Extra piece of tiny rock debris in pile between shouting alien and Jeep 6)Design missing on upper area of the left column 7)Giant bunny on top, left balcony behind 2 audience 8)Giant bunny missing on middle left balcony behind 3 audience 9)Missing 3rd spotlight in pie's upper right balcony on the left side of the stage 10)Hat on front third audience 11)Shouting alien with spread out toes 12)"x"2 on upper right column 13)Missing longer floral design on bottom of right column 14)Dynomite stick outside of right balcony 15)Bra or swimsuit top or mansiere on audience in upper right balcony. Hopefully, I got them all and described them right. Prize or no prize, you do great work - gotta read it darn near every morning. But if I got 'em right, please send prize my way anyway so I get to see more of the stuff. Thanks!

Piraro said...

Last week's 3rd place winner is this week's grand prize winner. Congratulations, GIANT!!!!

2nd place is last week's grand prize winner (do I need to make a rule that you can't win more than once? Hmmmm.) Congrats HA HA HA WHOOPS.

3rd place is SHIRL, a new winner, if memory serves.

I'll be contacting each of you via email to get your address and send you your prizes!!!