Thursday, October 8, 2009

Contest #7 WINNERS!!!

This week's winner, coming in at 9 minutes after the hour, is someone or -thing going by the name of "Ha Ha Ha Whoops." Congratulations, HHHW, you'll be receiving valuable merchandise the likes of which you do not currently own!

Second place, coming in just moments behind HHHW, is our old friend "Marcello," who was the grand prize winner of Contest #4, all those weeks ago. (3 weeks) He'll be receiving some merchandise, too, as will the third place winner, the artist formerly known as "Giant." And currently know as, too, apparently.

Many congrats to all our dandy winners this week. Stop by tomorrow for another Bizarro cartoon with amusing commentary and musings by your host and MC for this evening, me.

Drive safely everyone.

(click on the image below to read the correct answers)

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