Thursday, October 1, 2009


As usual, one image is the original cartoon, the warped image has been changed. Your mission, if you are heroic enough to tackle it, is to find those differences.

1. There are 15 differences between the two cartoons.
2. NONE of the differences have to do with the warped nature of the second image.
3. ALL of the differences are something missing, added, or moved, not just "bent" from the distortion.
4. FOURTH PERSON to correctly list the 15 differences in the comments section of this post wins 5 packs of Bizarro Trading Cards, mailed by me personally from Bizarro International Headquarters in Brooklyn.
5. Put your email address on your comment so I can contact you if you win. I won't post it or keep it or file it or sell it or mount a Broadway musical about it.

Click on the image to make it bigger and happy puzzling, amigos!


laurghita said...

This kind of test is very easy for me, I can see all the differences under 1 second withowt any outside help, even in real person no software or hardware used, there is a SECRET, if you have stereoscopic vision you can see those 2 images like 3 and the result image from the middle have all mistakes flipping, almost they jump on your eyes. It take just one second to point up all the mistakes... TRY...

Unknown said...


The margin thing is due to the "warping", isn't it Dan? :)

But the skirt of the chairwoman is definitely different in the two cartoons, and is a valid difference (well, maybe unintended, I grant you that). For fairness, though:



Paul Wilkins said...

Thank you also Piraro for making subtle changes to the image for people using the cross-eyes technique. You helped provide an interesting depth for the boardroom table and participants