Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Animation Goodness

I love this song and animated video. Just wanted to share.
Found it on

Another amazing video animation, made by a recent student is this. Just wanted to share.
Fount it on a terrific blog called DRAWN! Tell them I sent you.


Writer said...

Thanks, Dan. These are awesome!

patrick said...

Really cool -- thanks!

BK said...

The first really reminds me of a guy who did some animated videos and shorts for one of my favorite music artists when I was in college. The music was by Kid Koala, and the animations by Monkmus. The video for Fender Bender has the same kind of feel and in some places even the same look, and the one for Basin Street Blues is good too. Check them out on You Tube if you get a chance, I think you'll like them. I'd include the links, but didn't know if you'd like that.